Best Animation Courses for Designers

Creators are constantly striving to improve their skills beyond just images and text, which is why they go into the world of animation.

What is the finest animation course?

You may now acquire how to animate from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the availability of several platforms offering online training (or office). Though there are several animation courses available, I’ve selected some of the better ones that are tailored to specific animation styles—from text to CGI. The greatest animation courses, however, are Udemy’s Maya for Beginners and SkillShare’s Simple Character Animation, which are excellent key steps for budding animators. I researched sites like Udemy, Domestika, Creative Live, SkillShare, Coursera, MasterClass, and edX to uncover the top animation lessons on the web today to help you become an animator. Featured below are some of the greatest animation courses available on the internet, along with a brief evaluation to help you get a sense of what it’s like and if it’s a good match for you. The lessons listed below are mostly for novices, but they are also incredibly valuable for intermediate animators, with more advanced courses at the end of the list.

Best Animation Courses for Designer

  • Animation for Games (Udemy)—Best for Games Maya for Beginners (Udemy)—Best 3D Animation Course Animation for Games (Udemy)—Best for Games
  • Best Typographic Course (Domestika)
  • After Effects for Beginners (Creative Live)—The best After Effects tutorial.
  • Blender 3D Animation (FutureLearn)—Best for Blender
  • Simple character Animation (SkillShare)—The Most Effective Simple Animation Course
  • Animation’s History (MasterClass)—Procreate’s Most Informative Mixed Media Animation (Domestika)—Perfect for iPad Pro
  • Pixel Game Animation (Coursera) is the best for pixel video games.
  • CGI Animation and Motion (edX)—The Best CGI Animation Course

How To Learn Animation?

Ultimately, animation is merely another technique to communicate art and storytelling to the rest of the world. Animation began as black-and-white cartoons but has grown greatly over the years. Animation originated for the primary goal of entertaining rather than providing more possibilities for entertainment to the viewer.

As a result, animation has evolved into a variety of forms, including, but not restricted to:

  • Digital 2D Animation—The use of modern digital technology to create animations in a two-dimensional space.
  • 3D Animation—An animation style that takes a more practical approach to characters, objects, and other components.
  • Claymation is a type of stop motion animation that employs moulded clay parts.
  • Mixed Media Animation—How pictures and sketches are combined in animation.
  • Cut-out Animation—Stories are traditionally told using paper cut-outs, but internet has made this process much easier.
  • Stop Motion Animation (SMA) is a frame-by-frame animation of actual static objects moving in fluid motion.

As a consequence, animation has an extremely high degree of difficulty for people who desire to start their adventure as animators.

You must be willing to contemplate three factors to acquire animation as skill:

  1. Pick your style — Before you initiate the process, you must first choose on your animation style so that you can easily filter the animation programs you’re looking for.
  2. Learn animation with online courses — Traditional art school is no longer as useful. Learn to enjoy the low-cost courses suitable for all animation techniques that may be found on the internet or this list.
  3. Which programme you intend to use — Your style and the animation programme you’ll be using go hand in hand. Adobe, Maya, and Procreate are among few software for such.

Best Keyboards For Graphic Designers

It isn’t just about the buttons on keyboard. Latest keyboards are designed not only for key-pressing but also to increase your efficiency when it comes to visual creation.

What is the greatest keyboard for art and design?

Currently, the market is flooded with a plethora of keyboards varying from colorful to keyboards of all shapes and sizes—but which is the best for visual communication?

Logitech, the market leader in keyboards and mice, maintains its position at the top of this ranking. This brand is popular among graphic designers since it has always been tried and proven. If your site is ranking low on SERPS, it might take a long time with little success. But there are ways that you can increase your rankings quickly in a shorter period of time. SEO can be done at the page level, the article level, or at the website level. You can also focus on text content, images, or video content.

5 Best Keyboards for Designers

  1. Logitech Craft — Best overall
  2. Apple Magic Keyboard — Best for Mac
  3. Microsoft Foldable Keyboard — Best for mobility
  4. Kensington Pro Fit — Most comfortable
  5. Anker Universal — Most budget-friendly

How to choose the best keyboard for graphic design

Working from home (WFH) has undoubtedly changed your mind to the prospect of improved equipment. Allow me to assist you if you are considering acquiring a new keyboard. Here’s a brief guide to things to look for when selecting a keyboard for graphic artists.

When it comes to selecting the finest graphic design keyboard, there are three factors to consider:

  • Keystrokes for Work (Switches)
  • Price Compatibility
  • Design & Comfortability

Now they are, and here’s why they’ll help you get the ideal keyboard for your graphic design needs.

Work Type

Each style of keyboard currently caters to a wide range of requirements. The very first thing you’ll need to think about is the nature of your work. Pneumatic keyboards, for example, are designed specifically for gaming. As a graphic designer, you should select one that is more intelligible friendly –– one that feels more comfortable while working to reduce pressure on both arms and hands.

Keystrokes (Switches)

Always double-check the keystrokes prior selecting a keyboard. To say the very least, some individuals enjoy mechanical keyboards that feel like typewriters. Though everything depends on individual liking and desire, it would be preferable for graphic artists to obtain touch-sensitive keyboards to prevent putting too much strain on their fingertips, especially because they are always on the keyboard. Buttons, on the other side, enable and regulate intensity, the “click-clack” sounds of each button stroke, and the general comfort of your hands on the keypad. In any case, these elements are vital to examine since they affect your viability and effectiveness.


Just about all keyboards are now linked through USB ports. The growth of Bluetooth-enabled keyboards, on the other hand, is just what graphic artists are riding. Although it’s tricky to set up than plug – and – play USB wires, it is more convenient for graphic artists to utilize. Furthermore, always check to see if the graphic arts keyboard is appropriate with your computer first.


Design is increasingly quite important in the keyboard industry, particularly for graphic designers. Normal, gaming, and comfortable to hold keyboards are classified based on their design. We’ll concentrate on the latter, comfortable keyboards, because graphic artists are much more susceptible to arm strain and even nerve damage. Comfortable keyboards are designed to arrange your arms and hands to reduce strain on your wrists, and some even include a suitable wrist and palm rest to optimize comfort.

Extra Keys

Some keyboards have additional useful keys that may be used to open programmes, zooming of projects, and even adjust the volume. It is preferable to use graphic design keys that provide customized shortcut keys, as creating stresses functioning quickly without compromising quality.


Prices are usually determined by how many functions a keyboard contains. The more features it offers, the higher its price may go. The trick here is to find a keyboard that matches all of your standards and specifications while remaining within your budget. Always exercise caution while making purchases, and this is especially true when acquiring a graphic design keyboard.

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